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Are you considering buying a business?

If you're here because you're considering purchasing a business, or looking for professional valuation you've come to the right place.                                          

Buying a business is something nobody should do alone
Buying a business is something nobody should do alone, as there are so many hidden dangers. Luckily there are just as many advantages to working with 
the right local professionals with the right experience and dedication. Our team has a wealth of experience working with businesses both small and large, and we connect with our business clients because we too have owned businesses throughout the years.

Let us take the stress out of buying a business 
We also realize how important the purchase of a business is, and we are dedicated to making the process as smooth, successful, and as stress-free as possible. If you are looking to buy a business, you owe it to yourself to work with true professionals who know the local business community as well as the business sales industry.

We will find you the most suitable business from our extensive database of available businesses, and we will manage the entire transaction to get the deal done correctly, professionally and confidentially. We belong to several different large business brokerage organizations providing us access to a massive amount of business opportunities in the area. We can find you the right business opportunity, ensure that the business has good stability, accurately verify the value of the business, and negotiate and handle the entire transaction from beginning to end to ensure a smooth, pleasurable and most importantly safe buying experience. For a list of businesses for sale in the local area please call us at 469-878-8062 or email us through the contact on the left.


 We can help the buyer in the following terms.


COMMITMENT                                                                                                                                                                          To purchase a business at price and terms consistent at the marketplace that is consistent with needs and abilities.

The potential buyer must sign an agreement promising to maintain confidentiality.

The buyer must provide us withbackground information, such as a resume and financial statement.

Together we can discuss and review various types of businesses and then select a business or businesses that will appeal to the buyer.

We introduce the buyer to the business(s) that he or she is interested with and discuss the important factors.

A meeting between the buyer and the seller with a Broker of MS COMMERCIAL GROUP may take place at a desired location. This gives the buyer the chance to ask questions that he or she may have about how the potential business he or she will acquire.

(With our assistance) The buyer writes an offer or letter for the interested business.                                           

·  Earnest money may be required to demonstrate the seriousness to the seller.

·  Most offers are dependent upon the buyer's inspection of the documents and records of the business. The offer is not binding until the buyer removes all contingencies.

We present the buyer's offer to the seller.

We will give the seller the buyer's background, financial information, experience and point of view in arriving at the offered price, terms and conditions. Favorable background information about the buyer will result in favorable consideration of the suggested offer.

We carefully explain the terms and conditions for the buyer's offer to the seller.

The seller accepts the offer to purchase as presented or submit counter offers.

When the buyer and the seller agree to all the terms and conditions for the sale, the offer becomes a Purchase and Sale Agreement.

The buyer will meet with the seller to examine the financial records. Any questions the buyer will have are resolved at that time. We will work with the landlord to get an assignment of the current lease or new lease for the buyer.

We provide all documents to the transferring agent or attorneys, so there is a preparation for the closing documents. They make arrangements to assign any notes or equipment leases.

Arrangements are made for you and the seller to count and price the inventory (if required).


We offer the following services
*Business Brokerage
*Business Valuations
*Buyer’s Search
*Expert Witness & Testimony
*Intermediary Services
*Strategic Planning


We are here to help and fullfill your Business needs untill you find THAT one business that you have been searching for, because we are only successfully when our client is successfull and we are determined to help our client achieve that goal, WE WANT TO BE PART OF YOUR SUCCESS!!

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